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Brooke and Chance – Week 3


Week two (we started the ABC a week later than most of the other trainers) - what a week!

Chance is forever growing and maturing. I was sitting in his hay, similar to when he first arrived and I looked up at him thinking "you have definitely grown". Hopefully his legs grow long enough that he will be one I'll be able to keep. This week Chance has experienced his first bum scratch (he pretended not to like it, but everyone loves a bum scratch lol).

Chance has had a rope on him and he steps in away from pressure - this is something my domestic horses some time struggle with. Chance and I have begun the hooking on process which he has taken to super well. He is taking steps in to me and finding out that being in the middle close to me is so much better than being on the outside. Chance has proven himself to be such a quick learner. Once he gets it he gets it. He is more than happy to have ropes thrown over him, whips cracked next to him, whips flying over his head.

Chance has shown he also loves water and is happy to have a bit of a bath while his water bucket gets filled up. He is a true character!! 

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