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Brooke and Chance – Week 5


Can’t believe I’ve had Chance for 30 days. Over the 30 days I have tried so many different things, I listened to a lot of people and watched many YouTube videos, while it is great to listen to experienced horseman, it is also very important to trust your own instincts and address the situation according to the horse that stands in front of you.

This week especially I have learnt a lot, but on top of everything I have learnt that Chance just needed to be treated like a normal horse, I did not need to go extra soft, and I certainly don’t need to be extra dominant. All I needed was to treat each day like a new day and give him the time he needed to judge whether he can trust me over his own instincts.

Once we put sand down in his yard I got to put the pressure on that was needed, he picked up what I was asking very quickly. He faces me, he walks towards me and I can even get a few muzzle touches.

I am very happy with his progress and feel like the slow month is becoming all worth it. I am looking forward to continuing his work and hoping we can achieve big things this week.

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