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Brooke and Chance – Week 6


Wow what a week, this is the week I got my first touch of Chance, at first it was very stressful for him, but soon he relaxed. This was a big thing for Chance and I, this week was the first he would be comfortable to be a metre away without him feeling the need to walk off.

From here it was upwards, he became more comfortable with me in his yard and would often follow me around, I think he is becoming so bored in his yard that I now seem fun to him.

This week I just focussed on him being comfortable with my touch on the back. It was enough for me if by the end of each session he was relaxed enough to go back to eating his food while still being touched.

To be honest with you, even after approximately one third of the journey I am still trying to figure out what Chance likes best, whether it’s slow and steady or me being more confident and dominant. It’s all a learning process, for both Chance and myself!  

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