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Brooke and Chance – Week 7


This week I continued going on with what we were doing last week, Chance became relaxed enough around me to enjoy a good scratch.

Watching Chance this week he became very soft, would relax the head, blink lots and also lots of licking and chewing of the mouth. I decided to stick around one night after I had put Chance’s food in his yard, he was very confident around me, he didn’t worry that I was learning over the bucket, he even came up to me to drop a mouthful of week chaff in my hair. That moment made me realise we are slowly, but surely creating a bond. Over the last month I have felt behind all the other trainers, Chance has taken a lot longer to be comfortable around me and until I work with my next wild horse I wont be sure if its me or that Chance just requires longer than other horses.

His personality is shining and im loving it! He is proving to be very cheeky!

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