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Brooke and Chance – Week 8


This week has been one of the best weeks with Chance, this week Chance got the halter on with which he coped amazing with! Not once was he concerned about it. That night he got the halter off, I done the halter up in a way I could pull on it and it would come off, well he pulled on it and got it off for me! So the next night I went out there to put it on to which he wasn’t wanting anything to do with me, I did some hooking on work and left it at that. The next night I went out there to again try with the halter, this was a much more successful night and I got it on.

Chance became confident with me touching him all over in his small yard but as soon as I got out to the big yard he would run from me. I figured we just needed to do more work where he felt comfortable with me, this went on all week. Yesterday I thought I would give it a go to get Chance to eat out of my hand with chaff, he wasn’t keen, so I put him back into his small yard and did it there. That afternoon I tried again, this time he had no hesitations eating out of my hand, I went to touch him on the face and he ran away as quick as he could, I got him eating out of my hand again and then left it at that. Today I went in having expectations that he would eat but go no further, something struck me to try patting his face again, this time he stood there without moving his feet so I patted him on the nose. I thought I might as well go and get my lead rope and trying him with that, I was blown away when Chance straight away let me catch him! This time I got so close to him I could pat all over his face, this was the first time I had touched him outside his small yard. I finished it there and let him go eat, tonight I went back out to which I could go straight up to him and catch him with a rope he has never seen before. I patted him all over his face and thought I would then try his neck, he again ran away, I put pressure on the rope and he stopped and walked back over allowing me to pat his face again. I took him for a walk around the yard to which he couldn’t have done it any better.

This week he has truly amazed me and am so excited to continue working with the champ!

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