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Brooke and Chance – Week 9


Wow, things are really starting to roll on now! While I gave chance a rest day Monday and Saturday he is still progressing well! He is a little unsure about being caught straight up but will always come to me to check if I have any food in my hands.

I don’t really like my horses locked up in pens all the time so it was a great great feeling to be able to have Chance out of the pen, on to the grass and off for our first adventure! Luckily most of my paddocks are huge and have bush parts in them so I took chance for a quiet walk to explore! I think he really enjoyed it and felt like at home. On the way back to his pen, I went via the arena when Chance patiently waited for me to open the gate and then walked straight through it as calm as ever. I had some trot poles set up in the arena from working the horses through the week and Chance has no hesitation to have a walk over them. We then went straight out of the smaller gate, only like a meter wide and back into the pen just in time for dinner! Chance is really starting to blossom and between you and me I might just have that little soft spot for him, shhhh!

Really looking forward to continuing all this and seeing where next weekend takes us!

Until next time.

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