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Christopher and Red - Week 4

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again
 and expecting a different result.”
                                               - Albert Einstein

 Einstein – was a brilliant man but he obviously never trained a horse like Red.

The tiny and ever so subtle change in Red as I repeat exercises over and over again, would almost appear non-existent to someone sitting on the fence.  However, to me they were  like huge road signs telling me I was on the right track.

Some times it feels like an eternity just to get a tiny bit of progress out of Red but progress is what we have and it has taken a lot of patience and trust to get where we are today. I can't put it in to words the way this horse made me feel, when he finally stood still and accepted the saddle being thrown on his back, or just stood still while being hosed down without any kicking or snorting just to see him relax.  It was a proud feeling, not proud of myself but proud of Red and how I can see a change in him. He has come from wanting to stand and fight anything or anyone that had the courage to stand in front of him and question his authority like he would have done his whole life to have earned a mob of mares. He now displays a much softer eye and willingness to learn, he looks for a soft rub after doing something and searches for the answer when a question is asked of him.

Red is going to be grand and I think is teaching me just as much as I am teaching him.

Onwards and upwards...

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