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Christopher and Red - Week 5

After working with Red for five weeks, and talking about his development and progress with Colleen from the VBA, we made the decision that Red needed out. One of the important things to recognise when we are training horses is that all of them will learn in different ways at different speeds. Red has struggled to feel 'safe' in the world he finds himself in after living such a life as a Brumby herd stallion and we decided that some significant time living with a domesticated herd would be the best thing for him.

This was a really tough call for me - I really liked Red and would love to have continued to train him. However it came down to the fact that if we were not doing a 150 day challenge, I would have turned Red out for a lengthy spell so he could get his head around things and in a better mental space. So Colleen and I made the decision for him to go back to the VBA Brumby Junction sanctuary where he will spend some time in the paddock with Colleen's domesticated Brumbies who are fed daily and live in a paddock right in the middle of the sanctuary where they're exposed to lots of activity. So tonight we introduce VBA Tallara a red dun brumby mare.

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