Australian Brumby Challenge ©

With a flash of black
Against the silver gums
A snort at night
No longer comes

from the mountain side
Brumbies must depart
i will always be
Wild at heart

free to graze
the snowy plains
In the summer sun
and winter rain

for many a year
the brumbies stood
In the australian scrub
by the old black woods

when the acacia blooms
then the foals are born
free no more
for the earth is torn

the modern man
has his way
he says the horses
cannot stay

for their hooves leave a trace
in this ancient land
they have no place
nowhere to stand

Wild At Heart - Written by VBA Feathers with a little help from Clay

in the trap yard
sealed is my fate
to choose my direction
in the drafting gate

to the left is Slaughter
no more will i roam
to the right, salvation
a loving home

with my body broken
my soul is free
a wild horse
i will always be

in the history books
our story be told
in verse, in paint
we will never grow old

No more through
the wild grass
will you spy the brumbies
Fleet and fast

 I was born wild
many moons ago
on the Bargo plains
where the wild pines grow

row after row
the trees stand tall
where the wild horses
still answer my call

I will take you on a journey
beyond the stable door
across these lands
to where i roamed before

No matter the fence
built from wood and wire
the stories told
by the warm campfire

the poems and songs
that recall the day
of the wild horses
that had their way