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More milestones reached this week;

                Brumby on a tire - See picture

                Saddled with Confidence

                Ohhh and first ride

Jill is still a little reactive, it is important that in the future Jill and I can develop, responsiveness rather that reactiveness. This is something that i have to develop with consistency, patience and time. One of which i am running out of? I’ll leave it to you to decide which one.

Jill is starting to show some good signs of putting on weight, many thanks to barastoc for the feed. I am not sure if i could present a healthy brumby without their help.

The cost of feed is soring.

Jill is coming along nicely, however there is so much more i need to do.

Jill still has a little bit of a hard time with people behind her. Jill’s exposure to all manner of things in preparation for equitana needs be stepped up.  She is willing and ready to attempt any obstacle i can through at her. So over the next weeks i will try and develop a solid foundation of ridden work, getting the basic right.

As these basics will be the foundation that we use to challenge her at EQUITANA.

The weather has improved, the yard is dry, and the grass is growing.

So i must persist. Back to the yard and the key board as my commitments to writing articles only increase.

Stay tuned for some big news.


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