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Another week has flown by and i am left with less than 60 days to go.

I have just put my second ride on VBA Jill and I am pleased to say that it was much more successful that the first ride.

Although nothing went wrong on the first ride, it wasn’t as fluid as it could have been. But the heart is always pumping so loud in your ears it is hard to let go.

A few days of nice quiet in hand work and VBA Jill has come a long way. She is starting to balance up well and we will see how she transitions into ridden work.

We are still focussing on some basic ridden stuff. Getting a good forward movement in crucial. Making sure she is willing to move out.

You can see the video here

I still feel like I am a little too large for poor Jill and have been working hard at not drinking too much beer and eating several vegetarian meals a week to lose a little beer belly that has snuck up on me in my 34th year.

Jill is starting to fill out nicely thanks to the feed from Barastoc. I think i will work on some float loading this week as i haven't had a chance to use my amazing Cris Horse float yet.

We had a photo shoot with a good friend Charlie Brown, you can see the shots on his instagram page @mountainside_cb

And this weeks photo is take by Charlie just after a wash.

Just a reminder that VBA Jill will be for sale at EQUITANA, and i am happy to put a few more weeks into her after the Auction, as we will be on about 120 days, not 150, due to losing the first 3.5 weeks with VBA Feathers who is doing well.

Thanks for reading.


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