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This week VBA Jill has been enjoying the attention of many young people. One of the many perks of running a busy tourism business. Over the last days Jill has been in the stables At Bogong Horseback Adventures, Championing the rights of all the Brumbies, explaining to the school holiday visitors all about brumbies the high country the environment and painting a picture of just how pretty brumbies are.

VBA Jill has continued with her own education, and even though everyone else is getting a break from school Jill has achieved a lot. She has relaxed with lots of people around her. She is being caught with confidence out in the big paddock.
We are up to her 5th ride, and have achieved walk trot and a few small steps at a canter.
She has not left the yard yet, but i did threaten to take her on a two hour comercial trail ride this afternoon. She has to earn those Barastoc oats.

We have float loaded her several times and is happy as in the yard with other horses.

This weeks photo was taken just after her 5th ride.

Progress !

I am looking forward to seeing all the great work the other trainers have done and catching up with them at EQUITANA in 47 days ! 

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