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This week saw VBA Jill get out and about on some trail rides, and we had a great little roll in a big muddy puddle! So I have spent a few hours cleaning my saddle !

Jill got her-self a nice new pair of shoes from master farrier Les Viola, who is a master at his craft.

Jill also took a nice drive in her luxury Crisfloat

We are taking a tour of the Victorian landscape and taking in all the sights…

She travelled so well. 4.5 hours on the Hume freeway was just another day !

We are headed to the Brumby Festival in Wesburn park this week to look for people that Jill might want to adopt, after all she is looking for her forever home.

We are hoping that this weekend will provide much needed exposure and confidence in large groups.

If you are interested in purchasing VBA Jill please get in contact with me to discuss her suitability.

See you next week! 

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