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VBA Jill has clocked up some miles this week.

Not me scarlet under saddle but has done a tour of Victoria, starting with a trip to Kyneton to visit affinity equitation, jill was along for the ride while I worked on Poppy with the wonderful and very talented Tamara Coakley.

The horses traveled the 5 hours in the wonderful Crisfloat. I cannot recommend then enough!

Super quiet and they do look flash with my two wild ponies in the back.

Jill has a little practice on some of the obstacles, and proved once again that brumbies really are king when it comes to obstacles.

This little brumby just ate up every single obstacle on the course, including the swing bridge, and water box! Without a second look.

Then it was off to the big smoke ! To the brumby festival in Wesburn park.

Jill and poppy arrived on the morning of the show and settled into the grounds well! With only a short break after unloading it was onto the day!

It was my first ever horse show after a lifetime of working with horses I am very new to the show world!

Poppy and jill did well in the lead class, but they where a little grubby and I didn’t really know what I was doing so, so there success was limited.

In the ridden class Jill did an awesome job,

She stayed straight and walked and Troy was great. The canter was a little wobbly and needs a little work!

Poppy on the other hand was a Champion Poppy won best ridden mate and champion ridden Brumby!

Pretty pleased with that !

VBA Jill our performed poppy in every other class !

Coming in second And 4th in a lot of other classes.

But for me the highlight of the weekend was how well Jill handled the show environment, and was happy out and about in crowds and was a real crowd favorite. Jill was sporting her Barastoc visa ! And drew a lot of attention and praise for her sin smarts.

Poppy and jill travels the 5 hours home in fine style and had a well deserved day off!

This week we have been building up some canter transitions and setting up some softness off my legs.

I am looking forward to the next few weeks of fine tuning and seeing what we can achieve by Equitana.

Don’t forget that VBA Jill is looking for a home. If anyone is interested please don’t hesitate to contact me. And please get online and register to bid.