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I had too much time a month ago, and not enough time now! That seems to be the theme of my time with VBA Jill.

With just 20 days to go until EQUITANIA the countdown has surely begun.

I think this is a good time to reflect on just how much this little horse has achieved ! And in that how much we have done together.

It was just a mere 100 days ago that I started my journey with Jill and over the first weeks it was tough, battling the mid winter blues mud and rain. There was one stage when I was ready to just quit.

A good friend of mine and horse mentor in Bianca Gillanders sent me a message that “lit a bit of a fire under my ass” and got me out of my slump and got me going! And I’m glad I didn’t just quit. It was a tough time for me in those days battling depression and some anxiety about my abilities as a horse trainer.

The Horse world is a tough one, everyone has their way of doing things and are quite free with their words words of praise and criticism. It is in this frame that i had to find my own way, to block out the peripheral and focus on what matters most, the solid education of one special little brumby from Bago.

I have to constantly remind myself that this is not a competition rather a challenge to do the best by my horse as I can in the time that I have had. Both jill and i have had some setbacks, and she is a strong willed little thing. And we all love her for it.

Jill has had a pep in her steep of late and her coat is absolutely glowing. Mainly to the thanks of my wonderful sponsors Barastoc.

We have been on the road in luxury in the Cris float and have hit up a few venues in Victoria and southern NSW in the last weeks in preparation for the big week.

There have been photo shoots, drones flashes and a channel 7 News Crew,

Jill even got to meet a few local stars, National champion cyclist Niel Van Der Ploug, in a photo shoot for the melbourne Airport, proudly supported by Tourism North East and Bogong Horseback Adventures.

Jill even meet the lovely Olivia Rodgers AKA Miss Universe Australia and had a dream about the Melbourne Cup.

It has been Quite a week, Perhaps one day a Brumby might just with the race that stops the nation……. But i don’t think it will be any time soon. 

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