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Week Two VBA Feathers and Clay Baird
As week two draws to a close, i sit at my little desk by the fire as VBA feathers is outside in the cold and wet. I wonder if she is having fond memories of being wild in the mountains? Or if she is looking over the fence with envy of the other domestic horses with their warm winter rugs on.

VBA Feathers and i worked on a number of things this week.

Lots more quiet work, just getting her used to me moving around her with some intention in my body. I need her to be aware that i am going to move about here with some confidence and with some speed. That this movement is not asking her to move, rather accept that this action has no intention… and she is not required move or that there is no need to be reactive to this energy.  She must learn to accept a great deal of things over the coming weeks.
We worked with my trusty flag from Natural Equipment and moved it with a good rhythm, up and over her back, shoulders and neck.  Always making sure that i did enough to challenge her but not cause her to flee. Always pushing her boundaries to the point of a decision but not pushing until i cause a reaction. Rather the thought. There is a big difference.

I introduced another horse into the equation this week.

Poppy is a Bogong Brumby that was born on my property in 2011, after her mother Freda was passively trapped near mount Jim on the Bogong High Plains.

Poppy got her name as she was born on the 11th of Nov 2011, at about 10am in the morning.

Poppy is one of the wonderful horses in the team here at Bogong Horseback Adventures and she will be making the journey to Melbourne with VBA Feathers to appear at EQUITANA 2018.

In the Barastoc Arena. Stay Tuned for date and time of this special little showcase.

I worked VBA feathers for a short time off Poppy’s back. Feathers needs to be ready to have me up close and above her. On both sides and out of both eyes.

This we achieved quite quickly, only i think VBA Feathers and Poppy need a little more time to sort a few differences out.

VBA Feathers has accepted me touching her on both sides of her body and we started to do a little work, with moving her feet. First the hips, and then the front end.
By the end of the 20 min session we had quite a nice, albeit accidental side pass.

We have had the halter over her neck and worked on a few yielding exercises, these will have to be very solid before we can establish our first ride.

I have been rubbing Feathers with my Barastoc horse cap, doing a little desensitisation.

I am always aware of doing too much desensitisation, as i prefer my horses to be very sensitive, i will only do just enough ensure i can get the job done at hand. Be it throwing a rug or horse blanket on or perhaps swing a rope.

On reflection of the Brumby challenge so far, i find that this is not a competition, and as i explain the challenge to people i don't quite know how to explain the finals at Equitana. As i don’t feel like it is a competition. I am not there to compete rather to showcase these wonderful animals and help preserve a part of their heritage.

To show that in 150 days these animals can transform from “wild to wonderful”

I am keenly awaiting delivery of horse feed kindly supplied by Barastoc horse, who have been in contact with me over the last week to arrange a diet VBA Feathers to ensure she is in pristine condition. We have had a few photographs taken over the last days, and i would like to welcome Charlie Brown on board the sponsorship boat. Who will be providing semi weekly photos for use online and to help document the physical transition VBA feathers is embarking on.

But for now it’s back the muddy horse yards and frozen fingers. Into week three!

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