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Australian Brumby Challenge Week 4 - VBA Jill Week 1

Well as some of you have known I had to take VBA Feathers back to Brumby Junction to live out her days with the other brumbies in the shadows of the grampian.

It was with sadness that i said good by. I find it funny how we can become so attached to something so quickly. As i loaded up VBA Jill in the back of the trailer, with two new wheel bearings, we set off again for the snowy hills of North East Victoria.

Unfortunately i haven't had much time to work with Jill at this stage. I have spent a few sessions with her, just letting her settle in to her new home. And getting used to me being around.

I have found Jill to be a lot more inquisitive a prolific chewer and a good thinker.

I am very much looking forward to getting into the yard this week and getting going.

My plan at this stage is to just take it slowly spend the time i need to take to make Jill comfortable with me. I am a firm believer that setting a foundation is the most important thing we can do for a horse.

Jill has one of the best dreadlocks i have ever seen, i will try and get some good photos of it shortly, and i will gladly take any advice as to how best remove this monster.

Many thanks to Barastoc for the horse feed, i am sure VBA Jill will enjoy it, i know that i did. You can check out the photos of my  ‘Oat free musli’ breakfast on my facebook page.

With only 120 days left i have to get cracking. So with the little time i have to work, I am going to brave the rain and snow and spend some time with Jill who seems to be making fun of me, with her tongue constantly out.