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This week was the second week for me to work with my new Brumby VBA JIll,

You can see in the photo, Jill as a wild horse in the Bago State Park, prior to her capture.

Many thanks to Donna Crebbin for the Photo.

This was the first week i had a chance to work with Jill. The first week i just let her settle in and get used to her new environment, and feel comfortable with me moving around the yards.

Earlier in the week we worked on Jill facing up to me in the yard, this is a little game that Jill has taken too very well and now when i enter the yard she squares up and walks with a good rhythm 3-4 steps forward and lets out a big snort!

I find horsemanship to be very much like a dance, especially in the early stages. We move to the left, to the right, forward and backwards and we expect our movment to influence the direction speed and pattern of our partner.

Jill is a great dance partner, she is willing athletic and eager to learn.

Like a dance there is elegance, timing and rhythm.  And the better leadership we can offer our horse the more willing they are to be involved, and the faster they learn.

Unfortunately like a good dance, it doesn't come naturally to most. As we learn about horsemanship it can feel as uncomfortable (for us) as learning to dance, but with patience practice and a good teacher, we can all achieve at least a texas two step, without crushing our partners toes.

If you would like to watch Jill and my little dance, you can do so here….

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