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Week 6-

It has been another slow week in the yards with VBA Jill.

I have been working on moving her feet a little and coming forward, also just rubbing her down with a flag and stick. I can confidently rub Jill all over her neck withers and face with a flag, but as for using my hands she has not yet trusted me.

Sometimes I stand in the yard and wonder what the hell have i got myself into ?

With just 3.5 months left until equitana and i still haven’t touched this horse yet with my bare hands.

With 3 major Sponsors  Barastoc Horse, Bogong Horseback Adventures and Cris floats i feel added pressure to perform.

Not that any on the three have put any pressure on me whatsoever. I just feel like i have a commitment to do well by them, as all three have committed to me and supplied the very best support i can get.

Yesterday was a day off for VBA Jill as i had some medical appointments in Albury and i had to pick up my brand spanking new Crisfloat.

What a rippa! i am sure the brumbies will love traveling in this aerodynamic beauty back to Melbourne in november and perhaps a few little pre Equitana shows around rural Victoria in the lead up to get a little practice.

And it will be the envy of all horse float owners on the way.

If you are interested in it have a look at my instagram page

@bogonghorse or the hashtag Crisfloat.

All the best and thanks for reading

Regards Clay Baird