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Week 7

It’s been a hard week, lots of snow and rain. Lots of time for reflection.

This week i have struggled, it has been increasingly hard for me to find the time i need to find to work with VBA Jill and i feel like i have made absolutely no progress. Every week the screws turn applying more pressure. Not on Jill but on me. I have been struggling with my own mental health and have had a hard time making it through the day without bursting into uncontrollable fits of tears.  Not from the Brumby challenge but external pressure on my family and work life. I have been suffering from severe depression and anxiety in my daily life. Trying to find the right balance between time with my two year old boy and an endless work day.

Simple tasks have become increasingly difficult, being able to concentrate on answering an email has become almost impossible.

I felt like i was about to break down in tears in the playground with my son two days ago, and was forced to leave, much to the protest of his two year old understanding of my emotional state.

Needless to say that my horsemanship has not been what it should be over the last week or so, and i am struggling to see light at the end of the tunnel.

I feel compelled to be true here on this platform.  For the cause of mental health, depression and Dolly. 

I apologise if this weekly update is not focused on VBA Jill, But on my own state of mind.

The photo is from a few days ago when i had a positive session with Jill.

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