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 ​​ Week 8 of the Australian Brumby Challenge


Well after last week there was only one way to go and that was up.

You will be pleased to know that i have moved VBA JIlls Yard for a 4th time to try and find some dry ground.


July - August has brought 260mm of rain in the last 30 days  ! needless to say it is wet here!


This week VBA Jill and i have been working on getting her confident with me moving around her. Our progress is painstakingly slow. Early in the week after a little breakdown, i achieved a bit of a scratch on Jills shoulder.  After moving her out of the mud i have not been able to touch her again… she is confident with the flag brushing up her back shoulders belly and face. But as for my hand, there is no way. We will just keep building the confidence.


Jill still panics when i enter the yard, has a few fast turns on the fence looking for the way out, before she decides to focus in on me. I find that if i just stand there and stay calm and relaxed, it helps her find centre.


I have been increasingly worried about not getting the job done. Every-day i see less and less time to achieve what we need to get done. With one third of the Challenge now gone i have less that 100 days remaining, and i still need to get a good rub, a halter, saddle and at least 20-30 days riding in.


Her condition is still a little light on, i have placed an entire round bale of hay at her disposal. To eat as much as she can, and two hard feeds a day from Barastoc.


It is cold and wet, so with some luck Spring is just around the corner and Jill will have to put less energy into keeping warm, and more into growing a wonderful coat.


I feel like my weekly updates are the same every-week. And i feel like i have made very little progress for the hours i have put in.


I spend between 1-4 hours a day with Jill, unfortunately this is more time than i spend with my own family. I hope they understand.


I set up a tripod and camera on a time lapse shoot a few days ago, and this weeks photo is from that session.


Thanks for reading and i will try and bee a little more active on social media in the next few weeks.


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