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week 20

Where did 9 weeks go?

As we approach the halfway mark i have to reflect on the journey so far.

I don’t feel like I have put enough time and effort into my horses VBA Feathers and VBA Jill.

I have struggled over the last 8 weeks to brave the mud snow and cold mountain winds to work with my brumbies. I have been in the yards Daily without fail. But feel like the time spent is inadequate to their needs to prepare them for the journey to Melbourne, and beyond.

We have had a bit of a break-though with VBA Jill, she is finally allowing me to touch her. After two very good sessions yesterday.

It is my hope that all of the slow and steady work up until this point well hold me in good stead to to progress further and faster on the home straight.

Over the last few weeks i have been struggling with my own depression. Those days that it seems pointless to even get out of bed, days where the smallest task is impossible, achieving an email or a weekly update seems like sitting the bar exam.

There have been tears and fights with family, mostly many hours in a yard with horse who has no concept of my depression and anxiety about my future or my family.

Jill has been a wonderful companion over these dark days, she has been the light at the end of the rain. I hope that i can do her justice in the show ring in 11 weeks.

The feeling of Jills maine and hair in my hand brings me so much relief. The pressures of working alongside so many great brumby trainers, is a tough one. I don’t feel like we are competing against one another, but against our self, which is so much harder.

To compete against your own emotions time and skills. To lay your  horsemanship bare in front of the equine community, is one of the hardest things to do.

I have always said that horse people are CRAZY…… and we are. We all have our opinions and methods, we have our idiosyncrasies with our horses, some are tools for the job, other are pets or companions, some bring us so much joy,  others challenge us to the point of tears.

But we love them.