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Week 10

I am absolutely blown away by Scarlett’s progress, this week. As I stated last week, my goal was to be able to put the halter on her, this week. Well, that happened on Saturday morning!! It didn’t go as smoothly as planned, initially, with Scarlett taking fright at both my hands being behind and above her eyes – twice. I took a deep breath, gave her a little hay to eat, and on the third attempt, got the halter done up. I did a little work touching her, quietly removed the halter and finished the session.

Each time I have worked with her, this week, I have put the halter on while working. At first, she needed me to catch her with the rope looped around her neck and nose, put the halter on over the top then slip the rope off. By the end of the week, I am able to quietly walk up to her and put the halter on, without having to use the rope to catch her, first. She has also begun to learn the basics of leading, following my movement both to the left and right.

I can now stroke Scarlett all over her body with my wand, down the top of her neck from behind her ears over her back, down the sides of all four legs, down her ribs and under her girth and tummy, down the front of her back legs and back of her front legs. She is still reluctant to allow me to stroke over her rump, tail and back of her hind legs, but that will come in time, as she gains more confidence.  She finds the wand to be quite soothing and if she begins to become stressed, if I stroke her with it, she starts to settle quickly.

I can also touch her with my hands over her back to her loins, under her girth and right down her front legs to her hooves. She has also begun to learn to have her feet handled, allowing me to pick up her near fore, while keeping her balance well.

Scarlett accepted my applying some detangling spray to her mane and combing most of it and her forelock out. I have not yet tackled the two big birds’ nests right in the middle of her mane, though. They are still a work in progress.

I have been doing a fair bit of Tellington TTOUCH mouth work, (which she seems to really like) in preparation for having her teeth done and being wormed etc. I have begun to teach her about worming pastes by giving her molasses “drench” which she readily accepted, taking the syringe from me and sucking the molasses out of it. She accepted it so well that on the third lesson, I was able to give her a real drench which resulted in quite a few bot larvae being expelled but, to my pleasant surprise, not much else. She took the drench really well, even if it did taste strange and caused her to pull quite a few funny faces.

Having said all this, despite being more relaxed in herself and with her current life, she is only tolerating or, at best, coping with me touching her, she is not really relaxed about the touch. She stands still, really well but I can see a tension in her stance (raised head and not standing square etc) and her breathing, so this coming week, we will be concentrating on relaxation, mainly through the use of Telllington TTOUCH bodywork.