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Week 11

This week we have been working on Scarlett’s relaxation. To this end, I introduced her to the Surefoot Equine Stability pads. Once I convinced her she could stand on them (which only took a few minutes) she found them very relaxing and stood for about ten minutes, quietly dozing off, then releasing with licking and yawning.  She had a few sessions standing her front feet on them before I asked her to stand her hind feet on them. As I had not gotten to picking up her hinds, I had to do that first, which she accepted with good grace. Once I had done that a few times, I slid the pad underneath as I put her foot down. When she had put all her weight on the first foot, I picked up the other one and slid the pad underneath and she put her weight on it immediately, then proceeded to stand, very relaxed for around ten minutes.

I have also introduced the roller to her, this week, on Monday. The first time I put it on, she was wary but tolerated it with no drastic reaction. I only left it on for a few minutes before removing it. On Tuesday, when I went to put it on, she told me in no uncertain manner that she could not cope with it, so we did some more relaxing on the Surefoot pads. We didn’t try the roller on Wednesday, however, when I put it on Thursday, she again tolerated it but is not relaxed about it. Once I had the roller secure on her, I stood her on the Surefoot pads, which helped her relax, a little.

Although Scarlett appears to be generally quite calm, I do feel her calmness is her internalizing her fears, then, when something becomes too much for her, she reacts quite sharply. Apart from having her cheeks scratched, she still does not enjoy human touch although she does tolerate it. This is something we really have to work on.

Photo shows Scarlett dozing on the Surefoot pads.