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Week 12

This week we have continued to work on Scarlett’s relaxation. She has continued to have sessions on her Surefoot pads, which she enjoys immensely. Finding a food that she is willing and able to take out of my hand repeatedly has enabled me to focus on purely positively reinforcement work with her. Several short sessions over the weekend has shown her that she can approach me without having to feel tense about my touch. She will now voluntarily approach me in the paddock and allows me to put her halter on, to lead her back to her yard – most of the time. On the days that she is unable to approach me, all I have to do is leave her yard gate open, she knows the routine and just walks in without any prompting.

Our big breakthrough this week has been she can now tolerate me touching her tail. For a horse who needs to see things with both eyes simultaneously, this is HUGE. At the moment, she is only tolerating me touching her tail, however, through Tellington TTOUCH, she will soon learn just how pleasant and relaxing tail work is.

My partner, Barrie, comes to the yards most afternoons, to help Scarlett learn that other people are okay too. She has not quite worked up the courage to approach close to him, yet, however, she can stand a few metres from him and eat, which is great. Scarlett is unlike most Brumbies who comfort eat when stressed, in that when she is stressed, she freezes and is unable to eat anything.

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