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Week 16

 Early this week we continued working on Scarlett’s confidence with the float. By Monday, she had learned she could walk onto it, even when it is parked in different places so I closed both the tailgate and storm curtain, then went into the front with her. Initially, she was a little apprehensive but in a very short time, she relaxed enough to eat quite a bit of hay. She stood quietly eating for several minutes then I let her out. She unloaded quietly and sensibly, with no apparent worry. On Tuesday, I was just playing a bit with her, no serious training. I had a bucket of her favourite food – sweetened beet pulp and copra which I used to reinforce every effort she voluntarily made to walk near the float. Within a few minutes, she had almost loaded, completely at liberty which told me she had not been unduly stressed by being closed in the day before.

Since Tuesday, we have had some pretty wild weather, quite cold with gale force winds (no rain, unfortunately) which have not been conducive to training horses so Scarlett has had the rest of the week off. Thursday afternoon, she really had the wind under her tail and spent quite a bit of time just galloping around the paddock. While watching, I was amazed with her speed, agility and athleticism. Going by what I saw, she would make a great games or barrel racing horse, if her mind would cope with it. As I am keeping her and gave up those types of speed events many years ago, I doubt we will ever find out if, though. Her agility should serve her well on some of the endurance tracks we will encounter from time to time, in the future.

This coming week I plan to begin taking Scarlett on short trips in the float, once this persistent wind drops. 

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