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week 20

This week has seen a bit of a rest for the dancers. Last Friday, I had a sore throat and bit of a cough, which turned quite nasty Friday night, by Saturday morning, I didn’t feel too bad, so went out to do a little work with Scarlett. While cleaning her yard, she stepped up close to me, so I offered her a little hay that I had in my pocket (as you do). Her lips touched my fingers as she reached for it. I don’t know if the touch was accidental or intended but it gave her quite a shock and she spun away in surprise. I then started target training with her, which she appeared to take to, quite readily.

By Sunday I felt like death warmed up and collapsed into the recliner, where I stayed for four hours, waiting for Barrie to return home, too weak to call him (IF phone service co-operated). As soon as he got home, he called an ambulance and I ended up in hospital on a drip and IV antibiotics, for twenty four hours, diagnosed with glandular fever. When discharged, I was instructed to “take it easy and keep warm”, as if that’s going to happen when I have horses to work. I was soon to learn that maybe the advice was appropriate. Just cleaning Scarlett’s yard has tired me out and had me struggling for breath so I have spent a lot of time just sitting in the sun with her, not doing any active training. It will be interesting to see what the next few weeks brings, as my health improves, although, apparently it can takes six to eight weeks to make a complete recovery.