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Colleen Clancy

From Young, NSW: Non-Professional Trainer

I have been riding and training horses for over 40 years.

My first love is Endurance, with my major achievements being completing the Shahzada 400km marathon twice and completion of Tom Quilty Gold Cup National Championship 160km in 2015.

Having competed in Endurance for 39 years, I have many completions and placings to my credit.

I have started and rehabilitated numerous problem horses over the years.

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Join Colleen and VBA Scarlett on their journey !

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VBA scarlett

VBA Scarlett is an approximately 14.1hh bay mare from Kosciuszko National Park. She was four years old when she was caught in 2015 and had her foal very late – in mid March, which meant that they needed to stay together much longer. All our mares go back to the paddock for a minimum of eight months after having their foals weaned, so that they are strong and healthy.

VBA Scarlett's trainer in the McDowells Australian Brumby Challenge is Colleen Clancy.