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Join Damien and VBA Moonshine on their journey !

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The days and weeks are turning into a blur and it’s actually hard to recall what I’ve been doing this week! We’ve been spending our time just clocking up the miles. He’s gotten to the point where I can throw his saddle on, give him a few circles to make sure the girth is snug and jump on. I’m always careful to let him stand for a minute before we move off as it’s so easy to have a horse learn to move off before you even sit in the saddle from anticipation.

We’ve gone on quite a few rides out with Georgia on VBA Pandora, who is really finding her feet out on the trails as well as heading out on our own. I love how independent Moonshine is, alone or in company his main concern is what we’re doing. He isn’t bothered if the other horse is way up ahead or following behind, he stays at the pace we are going.

It really is one of my favourite things to get on and head off on our own into the state forest. There are so many paths and routes to explore, so that’s kind of been our little job and we have come across some really difficult steep paths, but he never falters. Some paths even felt like we were climbing straight up. Occasionally on steep hills, when he needs a break, he’ll just stop! Catches his breath, slows his heart down, and then just puts his head down and powers on again. On the downhills he moves carefully and listens to where I want him to go. We’ve been getting really nice long spells of canter as well as long trots and nice forward walks. Sometimes something will scare him and will make him jump, but he never runs through my hands and quickly waits for instruction. I trust him implicitly and I like to believe he now feels the same.

It’s great to have such a willing partner, he’s still pretty green in terms of schooling and he definitely favours going out somewhere rather than riding around in circles in the paddock, so for now I’m teaching him what I can on the trails trying to drop in little lessons along the way.

I believe the doors are now open for people to register to take part in the auction at EQUITANA. You can only take part in the auction if you have been pre-approved by the VBA. If anyone is interested in Moonshine please don’t hesitate to contact me via Facebook or Instagram if you have any questions, or indeed the VBA, we’ll be very happy to answer.