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Moonshine did himself seriously proud at the Brumby Festival on Sunday, winning the gelding ridden class and reserve ridden champion overall! We also came third in the handy brumby class. To say I was pleased was an understatement. He handled the travelling and atmosphere at the show so well, and although he was feeling a little nervous and rushed in the ridden class he stayed with me.

When you go to a show it’s often the case that you make things happen, where the horse will be a little rushed, rather than bend to a stop you pull on both reins to steady them up etc. etc. Then when you get home you need to go back and do basic softening exercises to get the nice feel back again. So this week he has been working on all The old softening exercises we had been doing previously, getting him centered and with me again. Although we didn’t lose much to be honest! He has also been transferred to the snaffle bit, and although he still plays with it a lot he is getting just as soft and as light in the bit as he is in the bosal or halter.

This weekend we are off for another outing, this time to the Smythfield Gymkhana. At this point as much exposure to this type of atmosphere as possible is required as Equitana could be quite a shock to the system. The Gymkhana has many of the same events as the brumby festival had and I definitely am going to enter him in some classes. However I don’t plan on being competitive. I want to enter the classes purely as a training exercise, and ride as I would do at home.

Apart from these things it’s full steam ahead with planning the freestyle. Not long to go….

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