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Not a huge amount to report on this week. We have been simply working on what we already know, trying to get things a little smoother and a little more refined. The freestyle is coming together bit by bit and so by next week I hope to have a pretty solid plan of exactly how it’s going to go. Then it is just a case of practising the routine and trying not to stress out too much about it. In my eyes, we have already achieved all I wanted to and more. I just want to enjoy being at Equitana and not take anything to seriously.

Some days are definitely better than others, and the only thing that makes that difference is myself. At this point it’s very easy to get wrapped up in what I’m trying to achieve and doing what the horse needs sometimes takes second place in my head. I too am a work in progress and as the competition gets nearer it is even more important that I work on the basics that may be becoming slack as I concentrate on the more complex elements of our training. But one thing is for sure. Moonshine turns up and tries his best every single day. I think we will both appreciate a little break after all this is over! 

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