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WEEK 20: Well it has finally arrived. The biggest show in Australia is a few days away and Moonshine and I are as about ready as we’ll ever be. It’s kind of hard to explain what this experience has been like. I don’t think I’ve ever worked as diligently towards anything like this in my life. Every single day, for almost six months, this little brumby has dominated my mind. The first horse I do anything with in the morning and the last one at night. It’s what I came to Australia to do and I think I’m going to feel lost after it’s all over.

My main concern is that Moonshine finds a good home. If there was any way it was possible for me to ship him to Ireland, I really would do so. In the time I have been in Australia I have spent more time with this pony than any person. I put my heart in soul into gaining his trust and co-operation and he’s given me that back ten-fold. I’m stunned at how far he has come along. For me Equitana will be the end of our Journey, but for him it is only the beginning. He will be looking for his next partner in crime to take him home.

Naturally quite timid, Moonshine can still shy at things he hasn’t seen before, or if they are in a different place to normal. I’m sure I already know how the obstacle course class at Equitana will go. He’ll probably shy at almost every single thing. But I’ll take my time and he’ll do it all. What he lacks in bravery, he more than makes up for in try.

If you’re going to attend Equitana please feel free to pop by and see us. Moonshine’s favourite thing in the world is just to be stood and scratched and petted. Be warned though, he makes it difficult to leave. If you can’t make it to Equitana, then look up my facebook page which is in my bio. I’ll try and get someone to video our classes and I’ll do my best to upload them as I go so you can watch our progress. Of course I hope to do well, but in all honesty it really doesn’t matter. If you’ve followed us throughout you’ll already know he’s proved himself to be an absolute champion.

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