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Damien McNickle

From Ireland, staying in Gnarwarre, Victoria: Non-Professional Trainer

Growing up in Ireland, I have always been around horses, working with them professionally for the last number of years as a groom, yard manager and riding instructor.

I have travelled to Australia to work with some fantastic trainers in a bid to improve my horsemanship and to have a chance at training a true wild Brumby.

Weekly Training Updates

Join Damien and VBA Moonshine on their journey !

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VBA moonshine

VBA Moonshine is an approximately 14hh pangare chestnut gelding –a colour which is not uncommon where he was caught in Kosciuszko National Park, but not commonly found elsewhere! He was a three year old when he was caught and has had a year in the paddock to grow up.

VBA Moonshine's trainer in the McDowells Australian Brumby Challenge is Damien McNickle.