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Daniel and Nightingale - Week 15

The wild weather continues this week which makes it very hard to get outdoors! Under cover facilities are a must in this weather!!

Dora is continuing to do a great job. She has been ridden a couple of times this week in the arena and is getting better and better. She is still a bit spooky transitioning onto her off side eye and I still don’t have much leg on her! Unfortuantely she has gotten a bit of a girth rub which is frustrating as I ride her in a fluffy girth cover which is always kept clean. I’ll have to monitor it to make sure it doesn’t get any worse.

I have meetings in Sydney late next week and Bec is riding in the Tom Quilty next weekend so Dora will have a few days off in the paddock.

As I said last week its great seeing her slowly letting her guard down, however it will take a little while longer to break down that wall completely! This relationship, as with any horse is 50/50. I am giving her every opportunity to learn and grow in our partnership together. I have been very careful not to force Dora into what is being asked of her. Which in short term may achieve success but I’m setting her up to ensure she develops into a willing and confident partner. Confidence is key!

Dora is an 8-10 year old mare who has had a few foals and has had to look after number 1, herself. She has survived and relied on her own instincts, so for her to let that go and have full trust in humans is a work in progress.

She’s so close and I am so proud of how far she has come!


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