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Daniel and Nightingale - Week 21

Bec and I have made the tough decision that we will not be taking our Brumby to Equitana. This has not been an easy decision to make, however one we have done for the welfare of our horse. We believe she mentally will not cope with the big city lights and atmosphere of Equitana.

 Dora is going well, she is a talented and intelligent horse but is highly sensitive and I have not been able to rush things with her.

I entered this competition for the love of the Australian Brumby and by no means am I willing to change what I would originally do in any other situation for the sake of a competition.

We will be purchasing Dora so we can give her a safe and loving home and give her the time she needs to become a solid ridden horse.

 As a professional trainer, or anyone working with horses in fact, it is extremely important to not let ego get in the way when training horses. It would be very easy for me to put her on the float and say ‘suck it up, you’re going’ however my heart says, she is just not ready.

 It has been fantastic to see the trainers and Brumbies doing so well over 150 days. They are such an intelligent breed and I urge everyone to pop down and watch what they have been able to achieve at Equitana.

 A huge thank you to the VBA, in particular Colleen for her tireless work in putting together such an amazing competition, which in the end is designed to show first-hand how intelligent and versatile the Australian brumby is.

 Good luck to all competitors at Equitana!

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