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Join Elizabeth and VBA Avena on their journey !

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Goal Week 1: Have Avena in a headstall and being touched.

I cannot believe it has been a week since I picked up VBA Avena from The Victorian Brumby Sanctuary and I am writing my first weekly journal.
This week I have worked on building trust and confidence with Avena.  I have spent a lot of time just being with her and observing her and her reactions to different things.
I am able to rub her all over with my touch pole  (extension of my arm).  She is now keen to eat food from my hands or stand near me when I am sitting in the yard with her and although I don’t have a headstall on her, I am very happy with our progress we have made her confidence is growing every day.
I would prefer to have a solid trusting relationship at this stage and when I put the headstall on her the bonding will just continue to grow.
Although she is the youngest in the Challenge I can already see how clever she is at only 7 months.  I love her spirit and determination (My Little Princess Warrior).