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Join Elizabeth and VBA Avena on their journey !

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Week 10 VBA Avena and Elizabeth Grant

This week I couldn’t be happier with Avenas progress, Avena went out in her paddock and learnt about normal fences, after that we went for walks around our property, Avena also learnt how to trot on lead.  We have started float training by asking  Avena to step up on bridges and go into dark spaces like the  feed shed.

Avena also walked around the house and under the veranda. She was exposed to a lot of new things like dogs, clothes lines, trailers, buses, floats and so on. Avena has dealt with everything so well and when we’re going for walks she will often ask to go look at different things, she is super confident when seeing new things. She loves meeting new people and is very keen to go and say hello.

Thanks for following our journey.

Avena and Elizabeth