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Week 11 VBA Avena and Elizabeth Grant

This week Avena has had a couple of days off due to the weather, but we have made plenty of progress.

Our first lesson this week was on tying up.  Avena went quite well with this as she didn’t panic when she felt a bit of pressure as she went to walk off, she was also happy for me to brush her while she was learning this new skill.

Avena made a new friend this week my very excited Labrador named Buddy.

I also worked on Avena’s back legs and rump as she was a bit unsure of being touched there, now she loves her rump being scratched. This is a new reward for her at the end of session.

Avena is officially out in the paddock now as we have removed the yards from her paddock even though she has been free to come and go as she pleases for a while now.

On Friday Avena had new noises around like the lawn mower however she was not fazed by it what so ever.

Bye till next time

Elizabeth and Avena 

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