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VBA Avena & Elizabeth

This has been a very different week for Avena and I, I had the pleasure of meeting Michael Mason who is training VBA Coolabah in the Australian Brumby Challenge Ridden Section.  Avena also responded very well to meeting Mick and approached him for a pat on the nose.  It was great to meet Mick and get some tips from someone who has done the challenge before.  Mick trained VBA Honey in the 2016 Australian Brumby Challenge.

This week Avena and I worked on tying up using pressure release and float loading, which was much easier than I expected, I think it is because our foundation work was so solid and everything we have practised made Avena feel comfortable with loading on the float.  We practised going into dark enclosed spaces, climbing on things.

I also received a card from our local Federal MP Cathy McGowan wishing me all the best in the challenge and commending me on my commitment in the midst of study.  I think all trainers should be commended for their commitment to the McDowells Australian Brumby Challenge as we are all committed to producing solid horses

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