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This week Avena had some exposure to some fun new things! At the start of this week I decorated my round yard with big flags, banners, cones, streamers, ribbons, balls and rubber mats. I was very proud with how Avena handled this as she acted as if nothing was new and she enjoyed playing with some of the fun new toys. 

At the obstacles we had some pet sheep out and they really liked Avena.  In fact they liked her that much they followed us everywhere.  They were standing all around her closely and she wasn’t bothered at all.

Avena also got to play in the big paddock with Casper and Raff (Grandpa who looked after her when she first arrived and Casper who is my Sister Emily’s pony). It was great to see her running around and playing, I was not sure about catching her, but she was first to be haltered and returned to her paddock where she had a big sleep.

I also had a friend over for the week-end and we spent time getting Avena used to listening to new people using the same Cues as me.

The scariest thing for Avena this week was when Eddie the Emu appeared in the paddock next to her.  She had seen him before, but not that close.

one of Avena’s new favourite things to do is to get her bum scratched 

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