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This week Avena and I had some family friends come over from South Australia Caden who is 9years old and Sadie who is 6 years old. Caden was in Victoria for a gymnastics competition and they stayed over for a night.  I too am impressed with Caden who at only 9years spends 20 hours a week training. 

Avena liked having some children around and I think they were just as impressed by her, in fact when they got home they tried to convince their Dad they needed two horses, and they could live with us.  Avena was following them around, while still giving them space. 

Avena also had her first bath and she loved it eventually, like everything we do, it is all done by introduction and repetitiveness. To be honest I thought that she wouldn’t be that keen on a bath as she used to HATE puddles.

We also did some more work with her and going over logs as when I used to ask her to go over them she would try to stand on them.

Towards the end of the week we revisited what we had learnt to make sure she remembered everything because learning so much in this amount of time can make it easy for both of us to forget what we do know.

After a long week we went for a walk and chilled 

Thanks for reading our updates Elizabeth and Avena.

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