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Well, this week Avena and I had a big week. On Sunday Avena let me put a rug on her, she didn’t mind it at all as we have done a fair bit of work to help her have the rug put on like putting saddle pads, towels and blankets on her. On Monday Avena and I went over some logs which was quite an achievement because she always tried to put her front legs on the poles which meant the poles would roll under her feet, after the poles rolled under her feet a few times she made it a game, but she eventually realized what I was asking her after consistency. on Tuesday we went trotting over poles on ground. Then Avena decided we should go and investigate some things and walk on tarps. I was pretty proud because I didn’t ask her to look and new big scary thing but she choose to and that showed me how confident she is. On Wednesday I had my dad take Avena out and do somethings with her to help her get used to new people.  On Wednesday night we had a bit of a late session at 11:30 when I had to fix a gate and to do that I had to catch her and walk around in the dark with people shining lights everywhere and lots of loud noise which didn’t bother her at all.  Thursday, Well what a day I decided to go over floating with her, she was awesome.

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