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 Another week over, what a busy week it’s been. First thing Saturday morning Avena had her feet trimmed by our farrier. After all the work Avena and I had done specifically for her to be able to get her feet done has paid off as she stood like a champ for the farrier. She also had her first float ride. It went really well.  Avena didn’t do too much on Tuesday as it was raining but we still managed to go for a pick. On Wednesday we had a visit from Jenni Boal and VBA Aussie who are also doing the Australian brumby challenge 2018, it’s great to see how far Aussie has come with the dedication and training he has received from Jenni. On Thursday Avena and Aussie got to hang out Avena and I played with yoga balls streamers, prams and went over some logs. On Friday Avena had her first walk down the road, while learning little bits and pieces without noticing she was even learning. 

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