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This week has been a bit chilled while getting lots of work in. so there has been a lot of flies recently so I decided to put a fly vale on Avena, I thought she would think it’s a bit weird or the sound of Velcro coming undone near her face might give her a little fright but….no that was not the case at all she actually seemed quiet intrigued and liked it.  In case you didn’t know one of Avena’s biggest fears was puddles, she loves them now and quiet often will roll in them and play, so we gave her a mat that the horses stand on and water comes out on to the mat. I thought I would give Avena a go and she reckoned it was great fun and was completely relaxed. We went on plenty of walks to new places as Avena learns best in new environments which makes it 10 times more fun for both of us. She loves seeing new things, if there is a new big, interesting thing around Avena will go and investigate and reacts really well if we get much of a reaction. So later on I thought it would be interesting to see Avena pull a tarp. What a champ she was at pulling tarps.