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I am a little bit sad to be writing this last update for the McDowell’s Australian Brumby Challenge 2018.  This has been such a journey, there have been tears, laughter and lots of fun.

There were times I did not think I would even touch Avena, but once we connected it was all systems go.  I questioned my skills when I was seeing what other trainers were doing, but by going slow and steady and Avena has turned out to be a solid horse, who is very curious and loves people.

Avena was so young when she came to us, her attention span was very limited and I did not want to burn her out, so I spent a lot of time sitting with her reading books. I am looking forward to continuing our journey and watching Avena grow when she comes from EQUITANA.

It was not a difficult decision to buy her, I think that this is the best option for myself and Avena.

I will continue to put photos and updates on our Facebook page: Elizabeth Grant Australian Brumby Yearling trainer 2018.

This week has been full of adventures.

On Saturday Avena had her very first Official outing to one of our local riding reserves. Once we arrived there Avena got to watch one of the local cart driving clubs as well as meet some new horses from Kyabram pony club.

Avena went for roll in the water after Digger and his owner Megan showed her what the water was all about and she rolled of course. She thought it was great fun.

We also practised our freestyle in front of some friends and their horses, Avena loved the attention.

Then in the afternoon she got to spend some time in the neighbours’ stables (this was a first for Avena and with her spending so much time in the stables at EQUITANA I thought it might be a good idea for her to spend some time in one.

On Sunday we took her to the same place with 3 of our other horses , 2 of which were VBA Black Beauty and VBA Sansa. The rest of the week we have been practising our freestyle and getting ready for our first show together.

On Saturday Avena will be competing in her first show at Echuca I look forward to letting you know how we go.

A special thanks to those who have supported myself  and Avena I hope to meet you at EQUITANA. 

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