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Week 7 VBA Avena and Elizabeth Grant

This week Avena was a little off colour so we did not spend as much time learning as we normally would.  I was beginning to wonder if we were advancing, then I spoke to a friend and they asked me what I could do on Sunday and what I could do on Thursday.

On Sunday I was able to put the halter on the end of her nose and rub her face by Thursday I was taking the halter on and off her nose and place it over her ears.  She is still a bit uncomfortable with the halter over her head, so I spent most time concentrating on this. I also worked on picking up her front feet and rubbing her rump and back legs.  I am able to rub under her belly.

I did give her a couple of days off as she was telling me that is what she needed, I was focused on what I was trying to achieve but if we cannot achieve anything if one of us is not feeling 100% or engaged completely

My quote of the week is: Horses stop talking when you stop listening. Unknown Author.

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