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 Week 8 VBA Avena and Elizabeth Grant

This week has been a big week for VBA Avena and I. Avena is now wearing a lovely Purple halter and is enjoying going for her picks of grass.  She is learning pressure release on the lead.

Taking It slowly with Avena has really paid off.  I was concerned that she would go back a couple of steps when the halter was first put on her.  So I wanted to make sure that what we had been working on prior to the halter was transferred to what we could do after the halter was placed on her so we revisited what we could already do and will continue to expand on these basic skills.  we will continue to expand on what we can already do. Avena was her usual Princess Warrior and has taken it all in her stride. I am still able to pick up her feet and rub her all over and do all the other things we had been working on.

She is now looking at me as her leader, confidence and her learning space has continued to grow, we are learning together every day.

We also made it to the front page and Page 2 of the Wangaratta Chronicle.  A copy of the article is on my Facebook page.

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