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Join Elizabeth and VBA Avena on their journey !

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Week 9 VBA Avena and Elizabeth Grant

Well, where do is start? This week Avena and I have covered a lot of new things like:

Saturday: we moved Avena and her yards into new paddock ( her first real walk)

Sunday: we picked grass while being touched and met new people.

Monday: Avena met some of my family’s other brumbies, rope work

Tuesday: was a pretty easy day practising our leading and catching then went for pick

Wednesday: Avena learnt to walk across new things and stand calmly we did some more rope desensitizing and waking I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say Avena has mastered forwards, backwards and stop and not only has she mastered it but she can do it with the tiniest pressure and of voice cue as well!

Thursday: we went for walk well allowing for her to pick at spots.