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Join Emma and VBA Waratah on their journey !

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week 20

This week has been all about Waratah settling in and us getting to know each other. 

When she arrived home, She was a little tense and walked the fences, didn’t drink and barely touched her hay. So I made sure to wet her hay and allowed her time to settle in the big arena.

We started with connection in a big arena, just being aware of her personal space bubble and not intruding to the point she felt like moving off.  We were able to get comfortable enough to hang within 2 mts of each other the first interaction. The next session we moved to smaller pen and I invited her to come hang and investigate, she did!! Sniffing and rubbing nibbling and nudging till she could relax and yawn licking chew becoming ok in my space. So important for me to see as I want her to feel truly ok with me before haltering. The change has been amazing, she has gone from pacing and running away when we come to feed to following me neighing out at feed time, she became brave enough to come touch and investigate humans and even has started to love hard feed. The photo is the day she got brave.