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VBA Waratah week 10

 We’ve made it to the halfway point 10 weeks to go to EQUITANA.

 I’m so proud that this once wild, scared, terrified to be touched Brumby has now become a cuddly, brave confident Brumby.

My Little Warrior Princess has let down her guard has became my mate now the adventures begin.

Each week I’ve watched her get stronger in every aspect of her Mind, Body and Soul. Not only has her body dramatically changed and healed she’s no longer living in a constant state of survival. I couldn't of hoped for a better result.

This week we have entered another phase of our care plan with the start of natural ulcer treatment that balances gut ph for both brumbies. The herbal products supplied by Mcdowells herbal have made a great difference but we wanted to boost these guys even more.

This week we ventured outside at the local showgrounds to walk over all the different surfaces. Over basketball courts, footy ovals and through the buildings in preparation for being out in public. Waratah was sceptical but brave and with me all the way. We made sure the brumbies felt that this going out to new locations was fun, by allowing them to graze and relax at different points.

 We revisited some long reining in the halter for strengthening. Found we need to break down the back up off the halter better for her. We will be getting her teeth done shortly as I know it is needed and I suspect is bit uncomfortable in there. I definitely won’t be using a bridle on her till they are done.

We revisited saddling and more preparation for saddle rides with being able to learn all the leg yields, forwards and carrying my weight in the saddle. Waratah continues to surprise me nothing was an issue.

WARATAH learnt how to wear a rug for the first time and was cool with this also.

We revisited the tarp as I wanted to see if her confidence had grown enough to approach something that use to be scary on her own and guess what it had!! This is the reason I no longer use desensitization with horses as I found it made horses shut down but still not truly ok with things. So often repetition was needed and new situations were still scary. I found helping a horse to be brave and check things out for themselves, encourages them to be confident overall no matter the situation. Waratah is far more confident in a human world now. Even snuggling with other humans. Two days were missed but still loads of progress.

Half way!! we have 10 weeks to finesse everything ridden, get her stronger and prepare for the competition at EQUITANA.

Next week we have a jam packed week ahead with riding, float loading, new locations as we head up to QLD for our September Clinic tour. If you want to meet the brumbies or come to a clinic or demo jump on to find dates and locations. We will be releasing training videos on our web site of the ground work soon. Then the ridden series just before EQUITANA. So excited to share this journey.

TO see more videos of WARATAH go to Facebook:

Or you tube: Australian Brumby challenge 2018/Waratah:

Big thanks goes to the Victorian Brumby Association for this awesome opportunity.

McDowells herbal for the awesome horse health products.

Whoa steady neddy hay nets for the slow feeder nets.

Scoot boots

Paddock blade

High country horses

Light rider bitless bridles.

For making this opportunity possible.

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